This application differs from vent gas recovery in that the vapors recovered are of a relatively fixed composition rather than a variable mixture. A typical application is capturing gases vented from storage tanks. The vacuum level is closely controlled in order to protect the storage tanks. Usually, the discharge pressure is relatively low. Often these gases are returned to the process, or are liquefied and returned to the storage tanks. This prevents them from entering the atmosphere and allows them to be potentially reused.

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What Are Chemical Vapor Recovery Systems? 

Chemical vapor recovery is an invaluable tool for recovering vapors exhausted from industrial processes. It is designed to collect toxic, explosive, and flammable vapors and prevent them from being released into the atmosphere. The collected vapors can then be disposed of safely and reused to prevent environmental harm or personnel harm.

There are two different types of vapor recovery referred to as Vapor Recovery Units: 

  • A mechanical unit VRU is often used to recover vapors formed when a liquid storage tank is ambiently heated, collecting gasses at the top of the tank. Tank vapor is routed to a mechanical VRU where it is compressed and delivered elsewhere via pipeline. 

  • A carbon bed VRU uses adsorption to handle vapors during the liquid loading operation of trucks, railcars, marine vessels, or tanks. Gas flow is sent to the VRU where it undergoes adsorption on activated carbon beds. This removes hydrocarbons and creates clean air that exits the system. 

When the carbon bed reaches maximum capacity, a vacuum pump extracts the hydrocarbon vapor and sends it to an absorber tower. The vapor is returned to a liquid state and placed into storage tanks. 

Our highly skilled engineers can design and deliver engineered-to-order systems for vapor recovery operations that are in line with your unique process requirements. Our systems can recover a variety of VOCs from chemical, oil, and gas industry applications safely and efficiently, resulting in cost optimization and other benefits for your business.