Discover Nash Tailor-Made Engineering Solutions for the Chemical Industry: Ingersoll Rand at ACHEMA 2024

In the diverse and exacting chemical industry, precision, efficiency, and reliability of critical flow processes are paramount. This year, as the curtains rise at ACHEMA 2024, Ingersoll Rand Engineered Solutions steps into the spotlight, with the additional of new technologies, brands and scope of supply that elevates our offering once again maintaining our market-leading offering. At Hall 8, Stand K64, meet our chemical industry application experts, showcasing their capabilities in compressor, blower, vacuum, and loading arm solutions.


Under the banner of Ingersoll Rand Engineered Solutions, a consortium of renowned brands including Nash, Robuschi, WITTIG, EMCO WHEATON loading Arms, Hibon, and Garo, unite to deliver tailor-made solutions for your process applications. From concept to execution, we are committed to excellence in every phase of your project's requirements.


Central to our showcase is the ethos of customization. Ingersoll Rand understands that every project is unique, every challenge distinct. Thus, our team of experts stands ready to collaborate closely with clients, providing full project support from inception to implementation. With custom design capabilities at our core, we engineer solutions that seamlessly integrate into wider project requirements, optimizing efficiency and performance with complete compliance to all specifications and standards.


At the heart of our chemical industry showcase you will come face to face with high-performance compressors to precision-engineered blowers and vacuum systems, each product bears the hallmark of Ingersoll Rand’s industry-leading expertise. Whether it is enhancing productivity, ensuring environmental compliance, or streamlining processes, our solutions are precision engineered to meet and often exceed expectations.


Ingersoll Rand Engineered Solutions prides itself on its almost limitless range of package designs, tailored to meet the exact needs of your application. With a steadfast commitment to compliance, our solutions adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring safety, reliability, and peace of mind.


As you navigate the bustling aisles of ACHEMA 2024, make a beeline for Hall 8, Stand K64. Here, amidst a sea of innovation, Ingersoll Rand Engineered Solutions awaits, ready to unravel a world of chemical industry application possibilities. Whether you seek to elevate performance, mitigate risks, or embark on a journey of sustainable transformation, let us be your trusted partner in your next critical flow project.


Join us at ACHEMA 2024, and discover the power of tailor-made solutions for your process applications. Your journey to excellence begins here.


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Experience the power of tailer-made solutions for your process applications. Experience Ingersoll Rand Engineered Solutions.