Nash adds NT Series Rotary Piston Pumps to its All-Inclusive Pressure and Vacuum Solutions Portfolio

Nash has added the NT series rotary piston pumps to its comprehensive portfolio of vacuum pumps for the ever-changing industrial market. Supplementing the brand’s already extensive offering of highly efficient and durable pump models, the newly launched series has been designed to meet the requirements of demanding industrial applications including heat treating, transformer oil drying, vacuum coating, evacuating refrigeration systems, and liquid gas storage.

NASH Rotary Piston Pump
NASH Rotary Piston Pump, NT Series

As a result of Nash’s continued commitment to expanding its product portfolio and leveraging innovations within vacuum pump technology, the new NT series vacuum pumps are capable of operating continuously from 0.01 to 100 Torr with nominal capacity ranging from 150 cfm to 778 cfm. They stand out in the constantly developing vacuum market through cutting-edge piston technology and a standard internal positive pressure lubrication system. This provides sufficient lubrication at any inlet pressure, while significantly reducing operational wear.

NASH Rotary Piston Pump

“NASH NT series piston pumps offer robust and reliable performance with a unique triplex piston design that reduces noise and vibration,” said Dave Robbins, Market Manager, General Industrial, at Nash North America.

Manufactured in the US, the NT series models are equipped with an adjustable gas ballast feature that enables the handling of condensable vapors, while avoiding condensation in the sealing oil. Nash also offers an optional factory-mounted oil filtration system to help lower maintenance costs and decrease downtime.

Since 1905, Nash has been a leading manufacturer of vacuum pumps, compressors, and systems, equipping organizations and companies in the industrial, chemical & petrochemical, food & beverage, and pulp & paper industries. When it comes to vacuum technology, each industry demands that specific requirements for its varied applications are met, and no one understands those requirements better than Nash. Our comprehensive portfolio of products helps our customers solve even the most complex challenges while reducing energy consumption and the total cost of ownership. 

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