Vacuum Pumps & Systems For Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Manufacturing 

Quality and reliable vacuum systems are imperative for pharmaceutical processes. Pharmaceutical manufacturers utilize vacuum technology to deliver their products to consumers efficiently, safely, and more economically. 

With over a century of engineering expertise combined with proven technology, Nash has delivered smarter solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. Review our extensive product portfolio and discover the Nash technology best suited for your pharmaceutical application.

Solutions For The Pharmaceutical Industry

Dry Vacuum

Process Vacuum

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Booster Pump & Ejector Systems

The Right Equipment For Demanding Applications 

Our product range continues to expand to offer sustainable, reliable, and safe vacuum solutions with low maintenance requirements to meet the demands of your pharmaceutical application. Click the links below to learn why NASH systems for pharmaceutical applications are the industry's preferred choice.

Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps & Systems

The dry and contact-free operation of Nash dry vacuum systems requires no lubrication in the pumping chamber. This translates into major advantages for the pharmaceutical industry. The advantages include no process contamination and no pollution caused by pump operation. Nash dry screw vacuum pumps are oil-free and have a non-contacting screw design, it safely and reliably handles corrosives, organics, inorganics, and solvents.


  • Dry running, contact-free operation 
  • High vacuum in one stage
  • High water vapor tolerance 
  • Short evacuation time due to high suction capacities 
  • Low noise level 
  • Easy to service
  • Low life cycle costs 
  • ATEX version available

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NASH VSB Dry Screw Vacuum Series

Variable pitch screw rotors optimize the efficiency and temperature profile of the pump. The ductile iron rotors and pumping chamber are available with PEEK coatings, Kalrez elastomers and other application specific options to ensure long term reliability. 

Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps | VSB Series | Nash
Dry Screw Vacuum Pump | VSB Series | NASH

Dry Vacuum Systems Pre-Engineered & Engineered-to-Order

From pre-engineered packages to custom engineered-to-order systems we deliver dry vacuum solutions specifically designed for your pharmaceutical process application. All NASH dry systems are fully assembled and inspected before shipment. Pre-engineered packages are available for quick shipment and delivered with plug & play installation.

Leading Pharma Company Partners with Nash for New Vacuum Solution

When one customer needed to decide on the best vacuum solution to enable a new production process, they turned to Nash to provide the knowledge and expertise to help them select the right technology.  

Download the case study and find out just how much a company can gain from selecting the right equipment and expertise for the job. 


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Pharmaceutical Company Partners with Nash

Engineered & Packaged Solutions 

Nash knows customized engineered solutions. Utilizing our extensive vacuum technology knowledge and decades of application expertise to design innovative, and reliable systems for the most demanding pharmaceutical applications. 

From packaged systems such as our DRY-PRO pre-engineered systems and our ENER-JET™ Hybrid Vacuum Systems, to completely customized packaged solutions, Nash is the name you can trust for efficient, reliable systems that perform under the most demanding applications. 


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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps & Systems

NASH liquid ring vacuum pumps & systems offer proven performance while delivering safe and reliable solutions for demanding pharmaceutical process applications. 


  • Cool running, liquid ring technology 
  • Process Compatible seal liquid 
  • Low maintenance, high reliability 
  • Wear free performance - no metal to metal contact 
  • Handles carryover and moisture-laden gas streams 
  • ATEX versions available 

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2BM Series Magnetically Driven Vacuum Pumps & Compressors

The NASH 2BM Mag Drive liquid ring vacuum pump & compressor series provides reliable, leak free performance for applications requiring the highest levels of safety.

Magnetic drive with static O-ring seals achieves non-contact torque transmission, which allows for a hermetically sealed pump/compressor. The mag drive series is the ideal match for process applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and the food industries.

2BM Mag Drive Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps 50 to 450 m3/h (29 to 270 CFM)
TC Two Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps to 3,650 m3/h (100 to 2,148 CFM)

TC/TCM Two Stage Vacuum Pumps 

Built better than industry standards, NASH liquid ring two stage vacuum pumps have been known for their reliability. Equipped with an integral two stage impeller, these pumps can condense and recover or dispose of process vapors. 

Vectra SX Vacuum Pumps/Compressors

Simplify your installation with a packaged Vectra SX System from Nash. The package offers plug & play installation with a small footprint as the separator is built into the base.

Small industrial vacuum pumps deliver high efficiency and performance, reduced operating costs for a variety of pharmaceutical process industry applications. Also available as a pre-engineered system.

VECTRA SX Pre-Engineered Vacuum Systems 25 to 260 m3/h (15 to 153 CFM)
Vectra XL Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Compressor 50 to 8,900 m3/h (29 to 5,238 CFM)

Vectra XL Vacuum Pumps & Compressors

Our Vectra XL vacuum series is manufactured for chemical processing applications and delivers optimum, reliable performance. NASH Vectra XL series meets exclusive production efficiencies specific to customer application requirements and can accommodate a variety of mechanical seals.

Ejectors & Hybrid Vacuum Systems 

Whether on their own or as part of a NASH hybrid vacuum system, our steam and air jet ejectors are designed for optimum efficiency. Our systems maintain their ability to handle large volumes at very high vacuum levels. With no moving parts, steam and air ejectors deliver reliable performance, simple operation with a low capital cost. 


  • Low capital investment 
  • Rapid payback
  • Simple operation 
  • Reliable performance 
  • Customizable system configurations that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and steam consumption

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Ener-Jet Ejectors

Offering up to 15% improved efficiency over previous designs, ENER-JET ejectors deliver reliable performance for large volumes and high vacuum levels.

ENER-JET Steam and Air Ejectors
Air Ejector Hybrid Vacuum Systems	1,699 m3/h or lower (1,000 CFM or lower)

Hybrid Vacuum Systems

Combining the stability of NASH liquid ring vacuum pumps with the high vacuum capabilities of NASH steam ejectors results in a hybrid vacuum system. NASH hybrid vacuum systems reduce greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs while improving steam stability. 

Booster Hybrid Systems

When vacuum levels cannot be met by a liquid ring or dry screw vacuum pump alone, our extensive expertise allows us to optimize a multistage booster system. Booster systems deliver the vacuum and flow you require, with the reliable and low maintenance operation you expect.

Booster Hybrid Vacuum Systems 850 to 33,980 m3/h (500 to 20,000 CFM)

Pharmaceutical Industry's Top Choice

Nash is a leading global provider of engineered vacuum solutions and has supported the growing pharmaceutical industry for several decades with highly-engineered vacuum products that ensure top quality and minimize operational and process downtime. 

Backed by over 110 years of experience, NASH certified experts provide aftermarket support with maintenance, service, parts, and repair. Service centers are globally located to protect your vacuum system investment and provide quality, reliable, and efficient solutions.

Quality Sustainable Solutions 

Nash is committed to providing sustainable solutions that help your company comply with environmental regulations while lowering the total cost of ownership. Our products and systems reduce resource consumption and emissions while operating reliably with minimal maintenance requirements. Together we build more sustainable and profitable pharmaceutical processing plants.

ISO Certification 

In our ongoing effort to provide quality, sustainable solutions, Nash manufacturing & service facilities are ISO 9001, ISO 14002, and OHSAS 18001 certified. 

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