NASH liquid ring vacuum pumps are used to optimize food & beverage processes by evaporating and deaerating liquids, lifting and holding items, and evacuating processing chambers. Our pumps also remove air during beverage bottling & food packaging, which extends the shelf life of the food and eliminates odors.

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Food & Beverage Applications

For more than 115 years, Nash has provided reliable and efficient vacuum systems for demanding industrial applications worldwide. As the original liquid ring innovator, we offer unparalleled expertise in engineering and design and uphold a reputation for products that perform reliably under challenging conditions.

NASH systems are ready for operation, easy to integrate into process automation, and help minimize installation and operating costs. We are committed to quality and ensure our products deliver the performance you need.

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Nash Provides Reliability & Peace of Mind for Poultry Processing OEM

When an OEM vendor of systems for the poultry industry, wanted to provide their customers with the ultimate performance, reliability, and peace of mind, they turned to the experts in liquid ring vacuum technology for the poultry industry: Nash.


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Poultry Processing Case Study

Comprehensive Product Portfolio

Our range of products can be individually applied or combined into packaged systems with additional components to serve a variety of process demands. NASH vacuum systems optimize efficiency and deliver smarter solutions custom-tailored to your specific requirements.

You can count on us to design and deliver the right solution for your vacuum requirements. As a worldwide leader in vacuum technology, Nash has the expertise and knowledge to ensure that you receive the best products for your application.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Technology

Nash knows the technology behind liquid ring vacuum pumps because we invented the liquid ring principle of operation. Liquid ring vacuum pumps operate at low temperatures and are suitable for handling liquids, steam, and condensate.

Requiring minimal care and known for extremely low maintenance, NASH liquid ring vacuum pumps provide years of dependable service because of their simple and robust design and rigorous quality. Thanks to their low operating costs and extensive performance range, our vacuum pumps excel in any application.


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Vectra XL Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Compressor 50 to 8,900 m3/h (29 to 5,238 CFM)


  • Cool running, liquid ring technology 
  • Process compatible seal liquid
  • Low maintenance, high reliability 
  • Wear-free performance - no metal to metal contact
  • Handles carryover and moisture-laden gas streams

Liquid Ring Compressors

NASH liquid ring compressors require low maintenance. Our compressors reduce power and operating costs by handling higher capacities with less energy, and provide the following features and benefits:

  • Ability to handle carryover resulting in minimal process problems and an increase in uptime; intended for severe applications 
  • The long design life of 40+ years offering the highest reliability 
  • No internal lubrication required, which means less maintenance and downtime 
  • No metal-to-metal contact and constant wear-free performance 
  • Cool running, minimal temperature rise between inlet and discharge that is ideal for explosive gases and vapor recovery applications
  • Only one moving part for simple and reliable operation

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Custom & Pre-Engineered Vacuum Systems

Our expertise in the design and manufacture of systems engineered to meet specific process needs is unparalleled. Nash provides pre-engineered, configurable, and custom engineered vacuum systems to serve processes specific to applications in the food & beverage industry.


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VectraPak Liquid Ring Pump 255 to 5,097 m3/h (150 to 3,000 CFM)
ENER-JET Steam and Air Ejectors

Ejectors & Hybrid Vacuum Systems

Whether on their own or as part of a NASH hybrid vacuum system and air-jet ejectors are engineered for optimum efficiency, while maintaining their ability to handle large volumes at very high vacuum levels. With no moving parts, steam and air ejectors deliver reliable performance, simpler operation with a low capital cost.

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Quality Sustainable Solutions

All NASH equipment is fully assembled and tested before installation, assuring top quality, and avoiding operational downtime. Nash is a global leader of highly engineered industrial vacuum solutions.

Backed by over 110 years of experience, NASH CERTIFIED™ experts provide aftermarket support with maintenance, service, parts, and repair. NASH service centers are globally located to keep your systems operating and to protect your vacuum investment by providing quality, reliable and efficient solutions.