Selecting Modern Chemical & Pharmaceutical Process Vacuum Systems

Dry vacuum pumps are vital to chemical and pharmaceutical industrial applications as these systems directly influence production. Vacuum affects the quality, unit cost, environmental impact, energy costs and safe handling of many materials. 

Today, many engineers throughout the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are converting from wet to dry vacuum technology. Dry vacuum pumps do not use water, oil or any other liquid for sealing or lubrication of the vacuum stages. This eliminates the risk of process contamination, effluent generation, and corrosion, due to always pumping in the vapor phase. 

Dry vacuum pump systems offer significant process and economic benefits throughout their lifecycles. Moreover, dry systems represent the best cost of ownership in their operating range due to lower installation expenses, easier maintenance, and lowest running cost as well as reduced environmental impact while providing a more flexible vacuum and easily adapt to changed processes and operating pressures. 

Dry screw chemical vacuum pumps also lower a plant’s carbon footprint by operating energy-efficient and requiring less burning of fossil fuels; therefore, reducing emissions of greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.

Furthermore, dry vacuum technology offers advantages including energy consumption and regulations on pollutants. Dry vacuum systems recover valuable solvents relatively easily by inlet or exhaust condensation and recycled without further purification. Since these systems operate without oil or other liquids for sealing or lubrication, significant quantities of fresh oil are not consumed. 

Selecting Modern Chemical & Pharmaceutical Process Vacuum Systems

NASH is a reputable and experienced dry vacuum specialist for dry pumps and industrial applications. Dry vacuum pump systems perform with excellent reliability and long lifespan. 

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