Reduction of polluting gases helps the environment and is profitable!

Gardner Denver Nash and the manufacturing industry are concerned about the emission of polluting gases such as CO2, H2S, flare and methane gas, among others which contribute to the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Fortunately, there are ways to recover CO² from sugar and alcohol industry processes and paper mills as well as methane at water treatment plants and flare gas at oil refineries.

 Lowering CO2 generated from Gas Recovery Systems assist organizations with environmental responsibilities and raising awareness of these issues within the community. Gas Recovery Systems preserve the environment and are profitable since the gas recovered in these processes can be recycled or sold.

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Gardner Denver Nash, manufacturer of liquid ring vacuum pumps, compressors, and centrifugal blowers, develops Compression Systems for the recovery of these gases. These systems provide solutions for a variety of industries, including:

  • Sugar and alcohol - plants recover the CO² generated during the fermentation process and sell it for various industrial applications;
  • Oil refineries - flare gas re-uses recovered gasses, resulting in a reduction of fuel gas cost for facilities as well as reduced greenhouse gas emissions or sale of recovered gasses;
  • Pulp and paper mills - recover CO² released in boilers and used for the production of CaCO³ (calcium carbonate)
  • Landfills and effluent treatment plants - methane gas is recovered and used as energy or burned off and cleaned for renewable natural gas, which heats water or air or heat part of an industrial process.

Gardner Denver Nash is the leading global manufacturer of engineered vacuum solutions and the liquid ring originator, serving multiple sectors for over 110 years. Through our portfolio of products and engineered solutions we deliver quality, reliability and performance specific to customer and application needs. Gardner Denver Nash is committed to providing customers with engineered solutions to overcome industry challenges including environmental concerns and regulatory compliance.



About Gardner Denver.

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