Nash Drives Cost Savings for Global Producer of Wood Treated Products

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NASH liquid ring vacuum pumps offer several advantages to wood treatment applications. These advantages include having no trouble handling the saturated air with entrained liquid and being tolerant of the resinous components and vapors from the preservative chemicals.

Wood Treatment Case Study

Moreover, the NASH Vectra XL is designed to provide ultimate reliability in harsh demanding environments such as wood treatment.

Our Vectra XL vacuum pump features a single moving part, which minimizes maintenance and operational downtime, a patented cone design that decreases the size of the pump, and gas scavenging technology, which improves pump performance at high vacuum levels. Thus, providing maximum performance, efficiency, long term reliability, and operational cost savings.

For over 110 years, Nash has been a leading global provider of liquid ring vacuum pumps and providing reliable engineered systems that stand up to the rigorous, nonstop demands of harsh industrial environments. To learn more, download the case study.

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