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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
Medium Capacity, 2BE1

Capacity 100 to 25,500 m3/h (60 to 13,000 ACFM)

The NASH 2BE1 liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor series covers a broad range of suction volume from 100 to 22,500 m³/h (60 to 13,000 ACFM), vacuum range of 33 mbar abs. (to 1 inHgA) and pressure of 3.5 bar abs.(50 psia). Based on the proven reliable flat sided liquid ring vacuum pump design the 2BE1 is available in 23 models, has a large
differential pressure capability, and is ATEX Certified. For these reasons, the 2BE1 is one of the most popular liquid ring pumps worldwide and can be found in almost all industrial vacuum applications including the chemical, pulp & paper, and power generation industries.


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