Poultry processing is an application where vacuum is applied in the conversion of live poultry into raw poultry fit for human consumption. This vacuum application continues to grow in the food industry. The reason being is poultry maintains a good reputation as there are no religious restrictions, it is low in fat and lightweight, which makes it easy for good meat to be extracted.

Nash in Poultry Processing


NASH vacuum systems installed in poultry processing plants optimize production, are energy-efficient and reliable. Vacuum solutions immediately separate waste products and no longer require employees to handle manually; thus, contributing to safer and more hygienic working conditions. Furthermore, NASH vacuum systems increase production efficiency because employees work alongside the systems and reduce energy by producing little to no pollution.

Reliable Solutions For Poultry Processing

NASH liquid ring vacuum pumps administer vacuum to remove unwanted portions of poultry. Vacuum is applied to processes such as evisceration, vacuum conveying, marinated vacuum pan as well as cookers and fryers to prepare the poultry for packaging and human consumption.

NASH vacuum systems are applied in poultry processing to save energy and provide reliable solutions. Production is optimized in poultry processing with NASH vacuum pumps.

In poultry processing, the product is first eviscerated under vacuum up to 29 in. based on process conditions. Evisceration uses vacuum to remove feathers and internal organs effectively and hygienically without risk of contamination.

Vacuum conveying is a dirty application in poultry processing.  Waste products are transferred from one pipeline to another during vacuum conveying. This is a challenging application because high velocity and limited pipe lengths are required. Therefore, NASH creates vacuum to move material safely and efficiently.

Before the poultry is cooked or shipped to the end-user, it is marinated in vacuum pans. During this process, the poultry is marinated under vacuum to open the cellular structure allowing for quicker marination. 

The final stage for vacuum during poultry processing is the fryers and cookers. Vacuum is pulled on the fryers or cookers to lower the boiling point of oil or water. This saves energy for cooking the final product.

Nash Provides Reliability And Peace Of Mind For Poultry Processing OEM

When an OEM vendor of systems for the poultry industry, wanted to provide their customers with the ultimate performance, reliability, and peace of mind, they turned to the experts in liquid ring vacuum technology for the poultry industry: Nash.


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Nash for Poultry Processing

Revolutionary Line Of Economical Vacuum Pumps 

VectraPak and Vectra XL liquid ring vacuum pumps are the poultry processing industry’s first choice for the innovative application. NASH solutions focus on customer-specific requirements and disciplined performance.

NASH Vectra XL liquid ring vacuum pumps are designed for the rigorous, nonstop demands of harsh industrial environments.

NASH Vectra XL Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

These systems are held to the highest standard of reliability and manufactured to achieve optimum performance and unprecedented production efficiencies. Vectra XL liquid ring vacuum pumps are a revolutionary line of economical pumps that are of great value to customers.

NASH Vectra XL liquid ring vacuum pumps excel in applications, such as poultry processing, that require discharging against positive backpressure. Vectra XL vacuum pumps meet high combustible range standards and are ATEX certified. Since NASH Vectra XL vacuum pumps are designed for harsh environments, they are available in ductile iron and stainless steel to accommodate a variety of mechanical seals.

Fundamental elements of the Vectra XL vacuum pump design includes improved cone angles, which decreases the size of the pump and NASH patented gas scavenging technology, which improves pump performance at high vacuum levels.

Furthermore, NASH VectraPaks are standardized pre-engineered solutions containing necessary components that are assembled and piped. Customers purchase NASH VectraPaks because they arrive ready to install, available in iron, and stainless steel with quick delivery.

The Industry's Top Choice For Innovative Solutions

Nash is a leading global provider of engineered vacuum solutions and has supported the growing poultry processing industry for several decades. The NASH Vectra XL is rugged in construction with lower water consumption and associated utility costs. The Vectra XL is the ideal solution and supports customer-specific demands and will:

  • Lower water usage by 65%
  • Save up to 6 million gallons of water per year
  • Savings in water usage alone can pay for the vacuum pump in 6-12 months
  • Lower water usage will eliminate the need for costly and troublesome recirculation systems
  • Restore the vacuum system to like-new performance
  • Provide quicker response time
  • Enable better removal
  • Reducing the occurrence of plugged pipelines
  • Save energy through the vacuum pumps efficient design
  • Wide operating speed enables the use of VFD’s 

NASH vacuum liquid ring pumps are tested prior to installation. Thus, ensuring top quality and avoiding operational downtime due to unforeseen issues. Nash is the leading global manufacturer of highly-engineered vacuum products.

Backed by over 110 years of experience, NASH certified experts provide aftermarket support with maintenance, service, parts, and repair. Service centers are globally located to protect your vacuum system investment and provide quality, reliable, and efficient solutions.

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