Nuclear Power Plant Goes Live with NASH Condenser Exhausters

The first Nuclear Power Plant completed in the United States in 20 years goes live at TVA Watts Bar, and using NASH two stage condenser exhausters.  The NASH vacuum pumps assure maximum power availability by efficiently removing air inleakage from the condenser.  The condenser produces the vacuum but any air inleakage blankets the tubes and degrades the condenser performance and efficiency.  The NASH pumps are able to remove the unwanted air and discharge it to atmosphere.

It's a difficult task due to the large amount of water vapor that saturates the air, all the while operating at a deep vacuum very close to the boiling point.  Extensive pump and package design improvements have been made over the last 110 years to eliminate cavitation at these high vacuum levels.

The engineers at E.W.Klein & Co in Atlanta have provided the onsite support and technical backup to assist the power plants in keeping these NASH pumps running with rugged, reliability.  The video fiberscope analysis provided by NASH field service technicians on a periodic basis helps with predictive maintenance.