The vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) recovery process is a critical part of the successful operations of petroleum and polymer production operations. NASH offers custom compressor solutions for the recovery of vinyl chloride monomers with reliable and low maintenance operations for safe handling. 

NASH's VCM recovery compressor systems provide minimized downtime, improved safety, and reduced energy costs. Our tailored systems meet the specific needs of your operation to ensure optimal performance, recovery efficiency, and overall cost savings. Discover our product range below & learn more about our capabilities.

What is Vinyl Chloride Monomer Recovery? 

Vinyl chlorine monomer is a dangerous and hazardous chemical used in a wide range of processes. It’s often produced from the processing of ethylene dichloride. It can react rapidly due to exposure to heat, moisture, air, light, and catalysts such as copper and aluminum. Liquid VCM easily evaporates, but as a gas mixed with air, it is a fire and explosion hazard. 

As a result, recovery needs to be done through a well-designed and established vacuum system. 

Vinyl chloride is primarily used in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) production, a thermoplastic with a large global demand for various applications. During the manufacturing process of VCM and PVC, gas vent emissions are of serious concern. This is due to them being a known human carcinogen. As such, vent emissions must be strictly controlled. 

In the monomer recovery system, unreacted vinyl chloride is transferred into a holding tank. The vacuum system scavenges gas out of the PVC and delivers it to the compressor at or near atmospheric pressure. A single-stage compressor system then compresses the gas for condensation and storage as a pressurized liquid. 

By providing custom-packaged solutions, NASH can guarantee safe handling and reliable performance in the recovery of vinyl chloride monomers.  

VCM Recovery Systems Design Expertise 

Every industry has unique requirements, and NASH understands that. That's why our compressor systems are tailored to meet specific customer demands, maximizing their performance whilst optimizing the cost of ownership. 

Recovering vinyl chloride monomers is a delicate process that requires careful handling to ensure purity and safety. Our solutions provide a safe and effective method for this process by utilizing advanced technologies and high-quality materials. Our highly skilled engineers can help you create an efficient and cost-effective system according to your unique process requirements. Request a quote today to start a conversation about your new highly efficient VCM recovery system!