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Gardner Denver Nash, LLC merged with Ingersoll Rand Industrial Segment on March 1st to create a global leader in mission-critical flow creation and industrial technologies. This combination brings together two highly complementary companies with a combined history of over 300 years and a shared commitment to operational excellence, innovation, and quality. Ingersoll Rand is headquartered in Davidson, North Carolina, U.S.A while Nash remains in Bentleyville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A as a leading brand of Ingersoll Rand.



Siemens spun off the liquid ring pumps & compressor business in 2000 and founded elmo vacuum technology. In 2002, nash_elmo was established when Nash Engineering merged with elmo Vacuum Technology, which brought together both liquid ring vacuum pump technologies to become the world's largest manufacturer of liquid ring pumps & compressors. In 2004, Gardner Denver acquired nash_elmo and created the Gardner Denver Nash Division. Separately, Gardner Denver acquired Lamson in 1996 and Hoffman in 2001. Twelve years later, Hoffman & Lamson became part of the Nash Division.

From 2014-2016 Gardner Denver acquired Garo as part of the Nash Division. Nash opened a new Divisional Headquarters and North American Operations Facility in Bentleyville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 


Constant growth and investment in research and development increased, as a result, our product portfolio continued to expand and introduce new product offerings with superior features and benefits in the areas of efficiency, reduced water consumption, serviceability, quality, and much more. In 1986, Kinema was acquired.



The Nash Engineering Company was founded by Lewis H. Nash in Norwalk, Connecticut, U.S.A as a manufacturer of liquid ring vacuum pumps.During the early years came the development of vacuum steam heating systems and vacuum sewage collection systems for many growing U.S.A cities. NASH pumps were also developed and applied in the manufacture of pulp and paper. During the mid-20th century, the company continued expanding into industrial markets such as paper, power, petrochemical, general industrial, and food markets.



Gardner Denver founded.

For over a century, through many changes, our experience has always dramatized how much value we can offer to our customers beyond furnishing good industrial vacuum pumps.  It's a kind of value that yields continuing rewards.

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