Selecting the Right Vacuum Technology for Chemical Processing Applications

Do you want to learn how to select the right vacuum technology for your chemical processing application? Then join Nash chemical expert Jeff Luby as he walks you through how to compare different vacuum technologies when evaluating modern vacuum pump systems during our FREE webinar on Wednesday, May 19th, 2021, @ 11 AM ET.

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Jeff Luby, Chemical Engineer Solutions Applications Manager for Nash

Get to Know Jeff

Jeff Luby is a Chemical Engineer and Vacuum Solutions Applications Manager with nearly 25 years of vacuum industry experience. Jeff’s main focus is dry pump applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of many, many years of vacuum solutions engineering. 


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What to Expect from our Webinar?

Jeff will provide an overview of the different types of vacuum technology used in chemical processing. He will also explain how to identify key process parameters that drive vacuum technology selection in chemical processing and demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of each technology through examples. 

Have questions? Ask Jeff during the webinar via live chat. 


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NASH Vacuum Systems for Chemical Webinar