Think You're Saving With An Unauthorized Repair Shop? Think Again.

One operator found out the hard way - only NASH Certified Service™ provides the quality and reliability of the original OEM manufacturer.

A customer brought in a NASH 2BE1 liquid ring vacuum pump that had locked up. When one of the industry's most reliable pumps fails, you know something is wrong. Our comprehensive disassembly and inspection of the unit revealed what we suspected - the root cause of the pump failure was improper repair work and assembly by an unauthorized repair center.

Here is what we found and documented in the failure report:

  • The fixed end was modified and didn't properly fit the idle end of the pump. This caused the rotor and shaft assembly to float back and forth, and making contact with the portplates. 
  • The shaft had been fabricated and was not made to OEM drawing specifications. 
  • Both portplates were badly grooved and no longer flat. 
  • The rotor faces were badly grooved and the rotor had been cut shorter than standard length. This doubled the pump end travel from the standard OEM dimension. 
  • The bearing brackets were modified and couldn't be reused. 
  • The fixed end brackets backside had been completely machined off.
  • Ball bearings were installed instead of the standard roller bearings.

Damage to rotor and port plate
The rotor and portplates of this 2BE1 pump were badly grooved as a result of improper repair and assembly performed by an unauthorized repair shop.

The result: a pump that is not operational and cannot be repaired.

This customer sent their pump to an unauthorized repair shop hoping to save money. Instead, this decision cost them thousands of dollars in lost production due to unscheduled downtime and the cost of a replacement pump

Only NASH Certified Service centers are authorized offer OEM parts and have the OEM drawings and factory trained technicians who can repair your product to OEM specifications. With our factory trained technicians, patented upgrades and 24/7 global service, we're able to provide NASH quality service and repair at a competitive price faster, safer and smarter.

While some companies claim to provide service, they take shortcuts, reuse parts and don't repair the product to OEM specs. Why risk it? As this customer learned, shoddy repair work can lead to downtime, pump and system failure, and lost production. 

Do you need repairs done right the first time? You need NASH.

Pump shaft damage
The pump shaft was fabricated by the unauthorized repair shop. It was not made to OEM spec and contributed to further pump damage.