NASH TC Anti-Cavitation Upgrade

Now with a patent pending design that can double the useful life of pumps run in cavitation prone duties.

The thermal power industry is changing, demanding plants that are flexible enough to run at varying loads. These demands take a toll on all areas of your plant, including the liquid ring vacuum pumps on condenser exhaust duty.

Nash has witnessed the damage, and, through R&D innovation, has upgraded our TC line to be an even more sustainable and reliable option for today's demanding operating conditions. When the plant runs at low load, ordinary liquid ring pumps are prone to damage from cavitation, resulting in higher operating costs and shorter pump life.

The upgraded line of NASH TC pumps offers an innovative, patent-pending design that extends pump life by reducing the potential for cavitation damage without affecting capacity or performance. The new design is available on all TC models, and as an aftermarket upgrade to existing NASH TC pumps. Aftermarket upgrades can be performed in any Nash factory service center. The upgraded pump design offers the same fit as your original NASH TC, with only minimal piping changes to your NASH system. External connections are unchanged.

In thermal power, industry reliability is key. Contact a Nash product specialist to get the details on how you can increase the useful life of your system while reducing downtime with the upgraded line of NASH TC pumps and our engineered-to-order condenser exhauster systems.

TC-9 Condenser Exhauster with Anti-Cavitation
TC-9 Condenser Exhauster with Anti-Cavitation