NASH/GARO Announcement - Gardner Denver "Spotlight" Business

Gardner Denver is pleased to announce that Nash/Garo has become a Gardner Denver "spotlight" business, independent from the Gardner Denver Energy and Industrial Groups. This change allows Nash/Garo to continue to leverage synergy between the two businesses, while having greater access to other Gardner Denver channels, products and offerings.

"Our Nash/Garo business has a diverse set of end markets, not only in our Energy sector, but also in the Industrial sector. We believe we will enhance the value creation opportunity by opening up great access to our Industrials Group channel and offerings, while continuing the successful work within the Energy sector of Gardner Denver." Vicente Reynal, CEO Gardner Denver

Ultimately this change will allow Nash/Garo to improve the customer experience through expanded product and service offerings.

"…By creating an independent business we will continue to build on our Energy Group channels, while also allowing greater access to our Industrial Group's channels and offerings, enable joint product management and development, and enhance our global delivery capabilities." Vince Trupiano, President Nash/Garo

We look forward to the opportunities ahead, and will continue to offer the highest quality products and services to our customers globally.