Gardner Denver Nash China Celebrates 20th Anniversary

NASH Hosts A Festive Event to Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Boshan Plant

Monday, May 9, 2016 marked a historic milestone for Gardner Denver Nash, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Nash in China and the launch of new NASH pumps and Hoffman & Lamson blowers.

NASH Boshan Event Presentation

The celebration attracted more than 300 guests. Qiulan Liu, the MD of Gardner Denver Energy China, warmly welcomed all customers from Guangxi, Sichuan and other parts of the country. She expressed her thanks to all the support from local government, customers, partners and employees. “Gardner Denver NASH has adapted to the changes of the China market, especially during the current downward trend of the China economy, by continuing to innovate with new products that provide energy savings and environmental benefits”, noted Ms. Liu.

This message was reinforced by several customer speeches. Mr Zhu Yuwen, VP Baima Power Plant, commented, “We started to use GD NASH products in year 2004 in our 600MW power plants. After 12 years of operation, GD NASH met our needs for quality and reliability. In 2009, we received another 6 units for our new project. The most important thing is we saved more energy with the operation of Lamson Blowers after our oxygen blower updates last year.”

Mr Zhao Yong, Vice President Shinva, the leading company in the sterilizer market, noted “Since 1997, Shinva started using GD NASH Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps (formerly Siemens Vacuum Pump), and we have purchased around 70,000 pumps in the last 20 years. The NASH reliability enhanced Shinva's brand, enabling us to secure more business where today, we have captured more than 60% market share in the sterilizer market.”

The Mayors of Zibo City and Boshan District each spoke, both appreciating the past performance of Gardner Denver NASH and also confirming that the local government will do its best to support the business as it continues to grow in the future.

The day ended with a Townhall where the management team thanked employees for their dedication to the strong performance of Boshan in the past and asked for their continued focus to drive success of Gardner Denver Nash in the future.

The ceremony was held in the rain which did not dampen the spirit of our guests. And according to Chinese tradition, water can generate more money, so the rain is a good sign that Gardner Denver can look forward to another 20 years of growth and success. Let it rain!