Hydrogen Compressors with
Liquid Ring Technology

As an energy carrier, hydrogen can play a significant role in energy security, carbon reduction, and economic growth. The need for net-zero emissions is increasingly being acknowledged by governments, businesses, and consumers. Deployment and investments in hydrogen are growing rapidly.

Nash provides design expertise for reliable and efficient Hydrogen compressors 

Hydrogen compressors have been integral to the Nash portfolio for over 50 years. Our liquid ring hydrogen compressors are designed to handle pure or water-saturated gas, as well as various mixtures.  

We focus on safety by ensuring that all our systems meet directives such as ATEX for safety in potentially explosive atmospheres. You can rest assured your equipment meets international standards. 

With decades of experience, we understand the unique engineering challenges hydrogen applications present. We offer a wide range of models that can be suited to any requirement. Design the optimal system with Nash. 

Hydrogen Compressors Range

Nash Hydrogen Compressors

NASH liquid ring compressors require minimal maintenance and handle higher capacities using less energy which reduces operating costs. Our compressors remain reliable and efficient in harsh and demanding environments. With reliable hydraulics and custom-designed specifically for your process, Nash hydrogen compressors are a leak-free, safe solution. 

Other notable features and advantages include: 

  • Liquid Ring Compressors are tolerant against wet gases, liquid slugs, and different upset conditions 

  • Compression is cool  

  • Compression is pulse-free and eliminates the need for upstream buffer vessels  

  • Flexible and precise Flow and Pressure control via bypass and/or VSD 

  • Safe handling of explosive gases and ATEX compliance. 

  • No direct contact with moving parts, low maintenance requirements 

  • No nitrogen or other buffer gas needed 

  • No Leaks 

Proven Performance 

NASH is the premier choice for hydrogen compression systems. Equipped with cool running liquid ring technology, they can handle both moist and explosive gas streams. The simple and robust designs ensure safety with virtually no leakage possible. 

We use only premium materials and can provide special materials or coatings if requested. Our wide range of system flexibility ensures that your exact processing needs are met. Custom-engineered systems are our specialty. 

What is Hydrogen Compression? 

Hydrogen is a remarkable element with many unique properties that make it an ideal energy carrier. Due to its low density at atmospheric conditions (90 g/m³), some form of compression is necessary. For comparison, natural gas is 8.5 times denser than hydrogen. Hydrogen compression is vital for applications such as transportation and storage. 

Various refrigeration techniques may also be employed. This includes cryogenic cooling where subcooling units convert compressed, gaseous hydrogen into a liquid. By reducing the ambient air temperature below freezing, easy delivery of hydrogen is possible. While high-pressure hydrogen storage is preferred for use applications, liquid hydrogen is more efficient for large-volume transport.  

The NASH liquid ring compressor is simple with only one moving part that is a rugged, balanced rotor requiring no internal lubrication. A rotating ring of liquid compressant does what sliding vanes or pistons do in other compressors. 

Understanding how each method works can help determine best practices depending on specific application needs. 

Hydrogen Compressor Applications

Traditional applications include chlorine electrolyzers & chemical production processes like HPPO (hydrogen peroxide). The newer applications related to green and environmentally friendly technologies include fuel cells and electrolysis for hydrogen production. It is essential for Nash to contribute with our products to these technologies that will reduce greenhouse gases. Therefore we have developed energy-optimized and extremely reliable products which are ideally suited to directly compress wet hydrogen fluctuation free and up to pressures of 8bara in two-stage arrangements. Our single-stage compressors can handle capacities of more than 20.000 m³/h, which is important to reduce the number of compressors in large-scale industrial electrolyzers and thus reduce the overall footprint and investment costs.

Growing Demand for a Greener Future 

The role of hydrogen in the global energy landscape is growing rapidly. More blue and green hydrogen are becoming available for applications such as mobility, power generation, and energy storage. Environmentally friendly technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells and production electrolysis are also becoming more common. As a result, compressors are poised to be the technology for the safe and economical transport of hydrogen across the value chain. 

NASH contributes to these technologies with our products that will reduce greenhouse gases. We have developed energy-optimized and reliable products ideal for the direct compression of wet hydrogen. We can provide two-stage arrangements up to pressures of 8 bar and without pulsation. Our single-stage compressors can handle capacities of more than 20,000 m³/h. Large capacities reduce the number of compressors in large-scale industrial electrolyzers, as well as the overall footprint and investment cost. 


Proficient & Economic Hydrogen Compression Systems 

Each hydrogen compression system is designed to meet our customer's specific requirements. For over 100 years, NASH systems have been providing efficient and economically sound solutions. We offer our customers the best support, reliability, and cost savings. Quality & Sustainable Solutions  

Nash is committed to providing sustainable solutions. We help your company comply with environmental regulations while lowering the total cost of ownership. Our products & systems reduce resource consumption and emissions while operating reliably with minimal maintenance requirements. Together we build more sustainable and profitable plants. 

ISO Certification 

To provide quality and sustainable solutions, our manufacturing & service facilities are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certified.