Not All Repairs Are Created Equal

Two things a small start-up poultry plant quickly learned the hard way: 1) you can't process chickens without vacuum, and 2) Nash can help you get out of a bind.

A small chicken processing plant in central Georgia, USA, installed two Nash CL-2002 (100 HP) vacuum pumps used to transport and eviscerate 20,000 chickens per day. The pumps were rebuilt by a non-Nash shop and showed signs of problems as soon as they were started. On the first pump, they quickly found the shaft was out by 0.070”, which they said caused the pump to jump all over the place. The second pump would lock up within 90 seconds for no reason.

It's Monday afternoon, and I get a call from the owner of the chicken plant on my cellphone: “Eddie, how fast can you get me 3 Nash CL-2002 vacuums?”  I respond:  “there are 8 of these in stock near St. Louis.” He says: “well, send them as fast as possible!” By this time it is late in the day, all the banks are closed due to a Monday Holiday and everyone at the Nash Distribution Center near St. Louis is home and cozy since it's only 6 degrees outside.

Now, the HERO enters from stage left, Nash's Distribution Manager. She's at home when she starts to get phone calls about a customer that tried to use a non-Nash shop and has 20,000 chickens sitting in a holding pen and 20,000 more arriving in about 12-14 hours. NASH leaps into action, and gets the pumps loaded onto a truck. The truck had two drivers so it arrived in central Georgia about 12 hours later.

The lessons learned on this one:

  • You can't process chickens without vacuum
  • Don't use a Non-Nash shop for rebuilds
  • Nash has a large inventory of stock pumps
  • Nash can get you out of a bind with emergency shipments

Written by Eddie Ostervold of E.W. Klein
Headquartered in Atlanta, E.W. Klein has been a long time business partner of Nash and authorized sales representative for NASH products since 1921.  

NASH System for Poultry Processing
NASH System for Poultry Processing