Solutions for Vacuum Filtration

Vacuum filtration is an application where solids are separated from liquids. In vacuum filtration, the moisture from the filtrate receiver of a vacuum filter is collected and fed back into the system. If a system upset occurs, like the filtrate pump failing or soft solids entering the filter, then slugs of a liquid can carry over into the vacuum system. In both cases, the liquid and soft solids will not damage the liquid ring vacuum pump, improving the overall reliability of the vacuum filtration system.  To minimize the contamination of gases extracted during the filtration process, a variety of seal liquids that are compatible with the process vapors may be selected.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps employ suction to move a volume in or out of an object. These pumps are generally easy to operate, known for their reliability, and are designed to stand up to the rigorous, nonstop demands of the harsh industrial environments. 

Vacuum Filtration Applications

Filtration is the process of separating solid particles from a liquid slurry. All forms of filtration require a pressure differential to make the liquid pass through a porous filter medium/membrane.  Some processes apply a vacuum to the underside of the filter medium in order to draw the liquid through. Other processes apply a compressed gas to the slurry side of the filter medium to force the liquid through.

For every application, the solid’s particle size, quantity, and properties have to be carefully assessed to decide what type of filter will be most suitable and what filter medium should be used.  Various filtration techniques have been developed to meet the requirements of many different industrial applications. 

The following vacuum filtration applications all require NASH liquid ring vacuum technology to reduce operating costs and minimize downtime.


  • Disc Filter
  • Vacuum Disc Filters
  • Pressurized Disc Filters
  • Precoat Disc Filters
  • Rotary Drum Filters
  • Rotary Drum Precoat Filters
  • Tray Filters
  • Reciprocating Trays
  • Fixed Trays
  • Tray Filter Selection Criteria
  • Table Filters
  • Tilting Pan Filters
  • Belt Filter
  • Horizontal Belt Filters
Filtragem a vácuo - Filtro de disco pressurizado

Pressurized Disc Filter - Photo courtesy of Andritz AF

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