NASH Vectra XM-150 Liquid Ring Compressor Extends API Compliance

Vectra XM-150 Extended Version is API 682 Cat II/III Compliant

The NASH Vectra™ XM-150 compressor extends the series of popular and reliable Vectra XL compressors to a higher level of performance. Now even more reliable and durable, the XM-150 Extended Version offers robust mechanical seals that are compliant to API 682 category II/III. 

The patent pending design offers a shaft supported between bearings for added durability, no tie rods, and requires less maintenance than traditional liquid ring compressors. When maintenance is required the design allows for easy disassembly/assembly, which reduces downtime. 

Operating at up to 4 bar g (60 psig), the Vectra XM-150 standard and extended versions are specifically designed for the higher pressures and performance expected in process applications. This liquid ring compressor was built to withstand the toughest operating conditions in applications that include vapor recovery, flare gas recovery, corrosive gas handling, hydrogen compression, biogas and more.

For industries that demand durability, and when reliability is key you can depend on the NASH Vectra XM-150.

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NASH Vectra XM 150 Extended API Compliance Cutaway Diagram