When A Pump Needed Repairs, This UK-Based Power Station Had A Backup Plan

As the sun was setting on a Friday afternoon a UK-based power station lost vacuum on one of three liquid ring vacuum pumps used to generate power for the national grid. The power station operates at peaking load and requires all three vacuum pumps to be online to generate power as demand requires. Even losing just one pump could impact the power station's contractual obligations to the national grid. Fortunately, they already had a contingency plan in place - contact NASH.

In only three days, the pump went from down-for-repairs to fully operational - all thanks to NASH Certified™ Service.

Power Station - Nash Smarter Works Harder Image
Power Station - Smarter Works Harder

The pump was sent to the NASH Certified Service Center in Winsford, where it was stripped immediately and found to have broken off a 2nd stage rotor due to locknut failure. The damaged rotor had worn a hole through the 2nd stage lobe and had broken a check valve.

NASH Certified™ Service submitted a full report and quote, overnighted a check valve through the NASH U.S. Distribution Center, and welded the broken check valve as a backup. NASH used a 2nd stage rotor and cone from its UK-based stock, and locally sourced a shaft.

NASH Service engineers then got to work, fixing the pump and shipping it back fully repaired the following Monday, just three days after it was received for repairs. NASH even provided a full report, giving detailed insight into the reason for the failure.

This quick turnaround didn't happen by luck - it took the teamwork, expertise and service infrastructure that NASH has been applying and refining for decades. NASH's sales team was easily accessible and provided a fast quote to the customer, and immediately ordered and shipped the parts. NASH's highly trained service engineers were then able to quickly assemble the pump and ship it back to the customer.

Losing one pump would have affected the station's ability to provide the power required by the national grid.  Good thing they knew that “Smarter Works Harder.” NASH's quick turnaround and high-quality service got them back online in no time, with a fully repaired pump that performs more reliably than ever. UK-based customers dependent on the national grid don't need to worry. NASH is always ready.