Nash Supplies Steam Ejector Hybrid System for Oil & Gas Production Leader in India

How do Steam Ejectors Work?

Steam ejectors are pumping devices that use steam or gas instead of moving parts to compress gas. Jets and ejectors push a relatively high-pressure gas, like steam or air, through nozzles, which converts that potential energy or pressure into velocity or kinetic energy. During the extraction process, the suction of an ejector allows gas to be evacuated or pumped into a jet, creating high-velocity steam or gas.

Crude Oil Vacuum Distillation - Application Details

Petrol and other hydrocarbon fuels are produced from crude oil during atmospheric and vacuum distillation processes that take place in refineries. The application involves applying a vacuum to a crude oil distillation column. As a result of heat and vacuum, specific components of crude oil are separated according to their boiling temperatures, essentially helping to recover lighter components, such as gasoline, with greater efficiency.

Helping Hand

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), one of the leading oil and gas explorers and producers in India, approached Nash to provide a customized hybrid vacuum system (Steam Ejectors + Liquid Ring Vacuum pump) for their refinery site located in Mumbai.

As a result of the passionate commitment to the customer experience and extensive technical expertise, Nash's engineers supplied and installed a steam ejector system with liquid ring vacuum pumps, which not only met all of our customer's expectations initially but has also proven itself as a robust instrument, working impeccably since April, 2017.

Nash 2BE1 Liquid Ring Vacuum pump

Nash's Hybrid Vacuum System (Steam Ejector + Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump) Significantly Reduces Medium Pressure (MP) Steam

All in all, the customer's order included three two-stage steam ejectors and four liquid ring vacuum pumps that perfectly fitted all the necessary parameters, and moreover, reduced MP steam by 2.5 ~ 4.5 tons/hr. In addition to the innovative design that reduces steam consumption, Nash's hybrid vacuum system solution lowers greenhouse gas emissions and can pay for itself in two years or less due to substantial energy savings.

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Tailor-Made Hybrid System Specific to Your Needs

At Nash, our experts are driven to optimize steam hybrid systems to meet all the necessary requirements of your application, process, and technology. Thanks to our engagement and wide-ranging expertise, we provide our customers with maximum efficiency and performance benefits.