Ingersoll Rand Group launched e-commerce and promoted the opening of multi platform Direct stores

The annual double 11 is coming, and Ingersoll Rand's multi platform Direct stores are ready to go.

The following shops are directly operated by the government with professional technical support and formal invoices.

1688 Ingersoll Rand air compressor official flagship store The products include piston compressor, micro oil screw air compressor, oil-free scroll air compressor and post-treatment equipment.

1688 official flagship store of Glenn denford compressor Full gift, open within a limited time.

Products include air compressors, aftertreatment equipment, air tanks and service maintenance packages.

1688 Ingersoll Rand power tools official flagship store Tmall Ingersoll Rand power tools official flagship store
The products cover pneumatic tools, lithium tools and power tool consumables.



1688 dinas official flagship store

Aigou dinas official flagship store Jidinas Machinery Co., Ltd. & xzhid = 34185965 & tpath = index

Products include small vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps / compressors and related accessories.

Welcome to talk online or inquire by phone. Please visit the store to check your contact information.