Live Webinar - Improve the Reliability of your Pharmaceutical Dry Vacuum Systems

Learn how to better improve the reliability of your pharmaceutical dry vacuum systems during our free, live webinar on Thursday, March 18, 2021, @ 11 AM ET. Our devoted team of experts has over 60 years of combined experience developing and providing solutions to our customers in chemical and pharmaceutical applications. Register now to learn more about the solutions we can provide to you. 

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Meet your Hosts

Dr. Don Collins, Senior Chemical Engineer for Nash

Dr. Don Collins

Dr. Don Collins is the Senior Chemical Engineer responsible for Nash’s global Chemical & Pharmaceutical Dry Pump Applications Engineering team. Using over 35 years of experience and expertise, Dr. Collins works to design highly specialized dry vacuum systems that deliver value to our worldwide customer base.


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Jeff Luby

Jeff Luby is a Chemical Engineer and Vacuum Solutions Applications Manager with nearly 25 years of vacuum industry experience. Jeff's main focus is dry pump applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of many, many years of vacuum solutions engineering.

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Jeff Luby, Chemical Engineer Solutions Applications Manager for Nash

In this free, interactive webinar our chemical and process vacuum experts, Dr. Collins and Jeff Luby will take you through the three things you can do today to reduce unplanned downtime of your process vacuum system, discuss vacuum system design best practices, and learn what to consider when selecting process vacuum systems. 

Do you have a specific challenge you would like to discuss? Then, submit your questions and talking points during our webinar via live chat.


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