Chiping Xinyuan PS Project Solution

When we heard, "The winning bidder is Gardner Denver Nash Machinery Ltd!" we could not restrain our excitement. More than thirty people, from nine companies, took part in this bidding for the opening of Shandong Chiping Xinyuan Aluminum Co. Ltd's 6 * 660MW supercritical unit power station project. All of our hard work helped Nash China win the project with the highest price!  

The project includes 12 sets of CF2007 flue gas desulfurization (FGD) oxidation blowers, 18 sets of TC-11E condenser vacuum pumps and 6 sets of 2BE4 720 FGD vacuum pumps.

Chiping Xinyuan Aluminum Co. Limited is a subsidiary of Shandong Xinfa Group which is one of China's largest private companies. This is our third success in a row, following the Pingwei and the Wanzhou power projects, where we won the order to supply all Hoffman & Lamson (CF) and Nash (LRP) packages for a project. These have all occurred since Nash China started the "TOTAL SOLUTION" strategy at the end of 2012. 

The original design for the flue gas desulfurization project called for roots blowers, which made it very difficult to get the Design Institute to accept centrifugal blowers instead, as this required too much additional engineering work. After many presentations to the end users and Design Institute engineers, and clarifications by our team, they finally agreed to let us join the bidding with centrifugal blowers.  

To analyze the competition and provide the best solution went to the existing plant to look at the existing operation and to check out the roots blowers. They then supplied needed technical information to us. We adjusted the proposal multiple times and used the actual operation data to optimize the sizing and calculated the amount of energy savings the company would realize if they used Nash products.  

The "TOTAL SOLUTION" strategy brought us orders for 20 sets of blowers, 30 sets of condenser vacuum pump packages and 10 sets of flue gas desulfurization vacuum pumps during 2013.  We look forward to many more opportunities to provide a Total Solution.

NASH Condenser Exhauster

NASH Condenser Exhauster