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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
Large Capacity, 2BE4

Capacity 1,950 to 32,100 m3/h (1,150 to 18,900 ACFM)

The NASH 2BE4 liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor series have been optimized to deliver a 6-8% efficiency improvement over previous 2BE models. Based on the proven reliable flat sided liquid ring vacuum pump design the 2BE4 has a polyisoprene lined body, flexible inlet and discharge connections, and a large inspection port for improved performance and reliability. With capacity ranging from 1,950 to 32,100 m³/h (1,150 to 18,900 ACFM), the 2BE4 is well matched to demanding environments like the paper, power, mining, and chemical process industries.

Key characteristics:

• 2in1: pump & compressor
• Reliable and efficient
• Split vacuum capability
• Flat sided design
• Quiet operation
• Demanding environments 


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