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General industrial processes have a wide variety of vacuum pumping challenges from simply pumping air to handling liquid carryover and solid debris. Our vacuum pumps are required to perform reliably, safely, and consistently.  The ability of our process vacuum pumps to handle these upset conditions without failure enables continued throughput without compromising quality.

NASH liquid ring pumps & systems have been supplying reliable duty in a variety of markets such as food processing, textiles, and plastics to name a few. NASH pumps have been providing high levels of performance for over a century while delivering maximum process output and efficiency.  Engineered systems can be custom-tailored to your specific process and operational needs that address the application, maintenance, and environmental aspects your site requires.

Solutions For General Industrial

Liquid Ring Compressors

Pre-Engineered Vacuum Systems

Built Better Than Industry Standards 

Designed based on customer defined market requirements and the input from R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and most importantly, process engineers, NASH systems are revolutionary and built better than industry standards.

You can count on Nash to design and deliver the right solution for your vacuum requirements. As a worldwide leader in vacuum technology, Nash has the expertise and knowledge to ensure that you receive the best products for your application.

With over a century of experience in designing, manufacturing, and delivering liquid ring vacuum pumps & compressors, and systems, you can trust Nash to provide you with a solution tailored to your operations.

General Industrial Applications

NASH systems are known as tireless workhorses, designed to stand up to the rigorous nonstop demands of harsh industrial environments. Learn more and find the right solution for your process needs by visiting the links below.

Nash Provides Reliability and Peace of Mind for Poultry Processing OEM

When an OEM vendor of systems for the poultry industry, wanted to provide their customers with the ultimate performance, reliability, and peace of mind, they turned to the experts in liquid ring vacuum technology for the poultry industry: Gardner Denver Nash.


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Poultry Processing Case Study

Comprehensive Product Portfolio

Our range of products can be individually applied or combined into packaged systems with additional components to serve a variety of process demands. From hermetically sealed pumps that eliminate leakage to engineered hybrid vacuum systems that optimize efficiency, we deliver smarter solutions custom-tailored to your specific requirements.

Liquid Ring Technology

Nash knows the technology behind liquid ring vacuum pumps because we invented the liquid ring principle of operation. Liquid ring vacuum pumps operate at low temperatures and are suitable for handling liquids, steam, and condensate. Developed for the toughest applications, these pumps can safely and reliably handle explosive gases and corrosive vapors.

Requiring minimal care and known for extremely low maintenance, NASH liquid ring vacuum pumps provide years of dependable service because of their robust design, rigorous quality, and simple design. Thanks to their low operating costs and extensive performance range, our vacuum pumps excel in any application.


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Vectra XL Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Compressor 50 to 8,900 m3/h (29 to 5,238 CFM)


  • Cool running, liquid ring technology 
  • Process compatible seal liquid
  • Low maintenance, high reliability 
  • Wear-free performance - no metal to metal contact
  • Handles carryover and moisture-laden gas streams
  • ATEX versions available

Pre-Engineered Vacuum Systems

NASH pre-engineered systems deliver packaged vacuum solutions configured to your application-specific requirements. Built from a standard platform, our pre-engineered and packaged systems offer a menu of customizable options and are designed to meet common industry challenges. 


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World-Renowned Packaging Company Relies on Nash to Boost the Efficiency & Reliability of their Molded Fiber Process

Faced with aging equipment that was impacting the efficiency and productivity, one of the world's leading packaging companies turned to Gardner Denver Nash to provide a solution that would help get their facility back on track.


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Vacuum Solutions For Molded Fiber Processing

Your Trusted Partner

Each industry has exclusive requirements when it comes to vacuum technology, and no one understands those requirements better than Nash.  Nash offers unparalleled expertise and upholds a reputation for products that perform reliably under challenging conditions.  

Nash is committed to offering innovative solutions that outperform, solve problems and reduce energy consumption, all while costing you less.

Trust The Experts

Using over 100 years of experience and expertise, Nash provides a wide comprehensive portfolio of products that can help you solve even the most complex challenges.
Backed by our NASH CERTIFIED™ Service offering, as well as a full range of OEM parts, spares, and aftermarket services, we can act as your trusted partner; protecting your investment and providing you with total peace of mind.


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As the snorkels are inserted, the NASH steam ejectors create a vacuum of 0.5 mm HgA and draw the steel into the chamber. The lower partial pressure within the vacuum chamber removes both hydrogen and nitrogen gases from the liquid steel, which are both vented as the steel is continuously circulated. The evacuation time is usually five minutes or less.

Types of Steel Degassing 

There are three basic types of vacuum degassers: steam, recirculation, and ladle. The system choice is determined by many factors, including the primary objective of the degassing capital investment costs, operating costs, temperature losses, tonnage, throughput, space availability, and turnaround time.

All types of systems take place in a vacuum chamber, and the vacuum is created by multis-stage NASH steam jet ejectors, often in combination with a NASH liquid ring vacuum pump.

Steam jets work on a constant mass flow basis, while liquid ring vacuum pumps work on a constant volume basis.  Used together, an economic break-even point may be reached to take advantage of the best characteristics of each.  Our degassing system is designed to meet specific requirements and your Nash engineer can help you determine the optimal solution. The steel degassing process requires:

  • Rapid evacuation of the vacuum tank
  • Maintenance of vacuum while at the same time removing a heavy flow of inert gas
  • Immediate availability
  • Dust resistance
  • Safe operation under harsh conditions  

Designing the Vacuum Pumping System for Steel Degassing

In order to design your degassing system, you will need the following information:

  • The number of dissolved gases to be removed.  Absolute pressure, steel chemistry, and argon flow rate will all affect the rates at which the gases will be removed.
  • The load at system design pressure in dry air equivalent.
  • The load the system needs to meet at different pressures (if required by outgassing system).
  • The system volume.
  • The processing time required to go from atmosphere to deep vacuum.
  • The final absolute pressure of the system to help determine how many stages are needed.
  • The quantity of argon required to determine the agitation energy and the rate of dissolved gas removal.
  • The in-leakage rate of air into the system.
  • The steam pressure and temperature.
  • The cooling water temperature.
  • The cost of steam and electricity.

Global Provider

With over 110 years of liquid ring vacuum pumps and steam jet ejector design experience, Nash is the premier provider for your systems and solutions. 

Backed by our NASH CERTIFIED™ Service offering, as well as a full range of OEM parts, spare, and aftermarket services, we can act as your trusted partner; protecting your investment and providing you with total peace of mind.