Nash Solutions Reduce Operating Costs For Power Generation

Condenser exhauster packages from Nash efficiently remove inward air leakage from the condenser in steam cycle plants. These packages provide lower turbine backpressure, improve heat rates, and reduce generating costs.

Typically, condenser exhauster packages consist of liquid ring vacuum pumps (either two-stage or single-stage with an air ejector), air-liquid discharge separator, heat exchanger, and associated controls. Nash condenser exhauster packages perform reliably, operate automatically, and hold the condenser at the best possible vacuum during unexpected transients of air leakage. 

Steam turbine condensers generally operate under vacuum. To obtain this vacuum and to extract air, which continuously leaks into the operating condenser, deaeration pumps are required and perform hogging and holding. In this application hogging is the initial evacuation of the condenser to a pressure of 200 to 400 mbar abs. (6” to 12” Hg abs) within a defined period before applying steam to the condenser. Whereas holding is continuous exhausting of the air leakage into the condenser during normal operation to optimize the efficiency of the power generation. 

Nash is a leading global provider of engineered vacuum solutions. Interested in learning how Nash products can reduce generating cost in your power plant?

Technical Overview of the Power Generation Industry

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Technical Overview


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