The two ministries and commissions issued documents to promote the transformation and upgrading of coal-fired power units, and Nash green transformation and upgrading scheme was the first.

Recently, the national development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration issued the notice on carrying out the transformation and upgrading of national coal-fired power units (hereinafter referred to as the notice), and simultaneously issued the implementation plan for the transformation and upgrading of national coal-fired power units. The notice points out that by 2025, the average coal consumption for power supply of thermal power in China will be reduced to less than 300g standard coal / kWh. For coal-fired power units with a power supply coal consumption of more than 300g standard coal / kWh, we should speed up the creation of conditions to implement energy-saving transformation, phase out and shut down the units that cannot be transformed, and turn the qualified units into emergency standby power supply as appropriate. During the 14th Five Year Plan period, the transformation scale shall not be less than 350 million KW.

The transformation and upgrading of coal-fired power units is of great significance, and Nash continues to help

The power industry is one of the main industries of coal consumption and the key control industry of national energy conservation and emission reduction. During the period from the eleventh five year plan to the thirteenth five year plan, the power industry deeply implemented the upgrading and transformation of coal power energy conservation and emission reduction in accordance with the requirements and deployment of the state, and the coal consumption of thermal power supply continued to decline. As of October 2021, more than 200 green energy-saving technological transformation projects have been completed and about 30 are under implementation, including power groups such as China Huaneng, China Guodian, China Huadian, China Datang, state power investment, China Resources, Guangdong power, Guohua, Shenzhen energy, Beijing energy and industrial self owned power plants, The total installed capacity of the transformed generating units exceeded 110 million KW, the cumulative coal savings exceeded 1.2 million tons, and the CO2 emissions decreased by more than 3.15 million tons, effectively helping to slow down the growth of the total CO2 emissions of the power industry

Promote the continuous upgrading of Nash green transformation scheme for energy conservation and efficiency improvement of coal-fired power units in many aspects

The notice proposes to carry out the transformation and upgrading of energy conservation, efficiency improvement and clean utilization from many aspects. The green energy-saving transformation schemes that jidinas can provide include:

-Condenser vacuum pump unit

-FGD wet desulfurization vacuum pump

-Oxidation fan of spray tower

-Aeration fan for seawater desulfurization / sewage treatment

-CFB boiler circulating fluidized bed fan

-Vacuum pump and fan of waste water zero discharge system

The notice requires to further improve the energy efficiency level of coal-fired power units, carry out comprehensive and systematic energy-saving transformation for 600000 kW and below subcritical and supercritical units, and strive to reach the advanced level of similar units after transformation. In October 2021, the energy-saving technical transformation project of 1# generator unit condenser vacuum pump with 330MW capacity of Huaneng Jiuquan power plant was successfully put into operation. The project adopts the special vacuum system for air cooling independently developed by jidinas. After the equipment is put into operation, it is estimated that the current of each vacuum pump is reduced by about 60%, from 206.7a to 81.97a, and the average back pressure of condenser is reduced by about 1.4 kPa. A. According to the average annual operation time of 4000 hours and the CO2 emission reduction of 2.62 tons per ton of standard coal saved, after the transformation, the coal consumption will be reduced by about 4600 tons and the CO2 emission will be reduced by 12000 tons per year. According to the local coal price of about 550 yuan per ton provided by the professional workers of Jiuquan power plant and the market price of about 51 yuan per ton of CO2, the annual income of the technical transformation project is as high as 3.29 million yuan, and the investment payback period is only a few months.

The transformation of 2x660mw unit condenser vacuum pumping unit of Panjiang power investment and Generation Co., Ltd. adopts the energy-saving transformation scheme of jidinas. After the transformation, the operating current is reduced from about 160A to 68A, with remarkable effect. The two pumps save about 84kw. H of power consumption per hour. Excluding the unit shutdown and low load time, about 650000 kW. H of power consumption can be saved every year

Promote the clean utilization of coal-fired power units. For new coal-fired power units, advanced and efficient desulfurization, denitration and dust removal facilities shall be built simultaneously to ensure that the full load range above the minimum technical output can meet the ultra-low emission requirements.

One stop solution

The existing installed capacity of Guizhou Guangdong electric power is 4 × 600MW, using the one-stop overall transformation solution of jidinas, the transformation of the condenser vacuum pumping unit was carried out in 2017. After the transformation, the overall operation is stable, the noise is significantly reduced, the operating current is reduced from 220a to 98a, the energy-saving effect is remarkable, and the users are at ease. The transformation of desulfurization vacuum pump was carried out in 2019, and the transformation of waste water zero discharge project of the whole plant - aeration fan of waste water tank was completed in 2020. The solution of Hoffman multi-stage centrifugal fan was adopted, with remarkable energy-saving effect.

Anhui Huainan Pingwei Power Generation Co., Ltd. in the 2020 3#, 4# unit tower desulfurization and oxidation fan reconstruction project of two 640mw units, the Ji Di Nash multi-stage centrifugal fan helps customers achieve 50% energy saving, with an average annual saving of 3.05 million kwh, about 915 tons of standard coal and about 2272 tons of CO2 emission.

Carry out the heating transformation of coal-fired power units, encourage the technical transformation of cogeneration units, and further improve the heating capacity. We will strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction of self provided coal-fired power units, and accelerate the implementation of ultra-low emission and energy-saving transformation. Vigorously promote the cold end optimization of coal-fired power units and the deep utilization technology of flue gas waste heat. Mature and applicable transformation measures are encouraged to improve the vacuum of unit operation and improve the level of energy saving and efficiency improvement. Encourage active units to apply the technology of deep utilization of flue gas waste heat. At present, jidinas has provided vacuum pump and fan products required in waste heat reuse system for many environmental protection companies including Beijing fresh environment and industrial fields.

Upgrade the green transformation scheme. The IV series intelligent vacuum unit newly developed by jidinas can not only meet the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction in power plants, but also better serve the application of flexible peak shaving and intelligent power plants. It can not only realize the functions of real-time online monitoring and preventive maintenance, but also flexibly meet the performance requirements of vacuum units under partial load and different working conditions, So as to achieve the highest energy-saving space under the condition of ensuring safe operation.

The notice clearly states that China strives to achieve the goal of carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutralization by 2060, and puts forward higher requirements for optimizing energy structure and clean and efficient utilization of coal. The transformation and upgrading of coal-fired power units is an important means to improve the utilization efficiency of electric coal, reduce the consumption of electric coal and promote the consumption of clean energy. It is of great significance to promote the realization of the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutralization on schedule. Jidinas will actively respond to the national policy call, provide a series of one-stop overall transformation solutions for coal power enterprises, and help coal power enterprises save energy and reduce consumption, improve energy utilization efficiency and achieve peak carbon emission.

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