NASH helps "one belt, one road", and national energy green low carbon development

In October 18th, the one of the second "one belt, one road" energy ministers' meeting, which is based on the theme of "moving towards a more green and inclusive energy future", was held in Qingdao. China's "one belt, one road" green energy cooperation Qingdao initiative was called for by all parties to take concerted action to support the development of green energy and low-carbon development in developing countries.

This year, one belt, one road initiative one belt, one road, 8th anniversary, and after nearly 8 years of development, the "one belt and one road" initiative has changed from concept to action, from vision to reality, and fruitful results. China's total trade one belt, one road along the way has exceeded 9 trillion US dollars and invested more than 136 billion US dollars.

The one belt, one road area of one belt, one road of energy cooperation, is being built. Energy, such as solar energy, wind energy, nuclear energy, biomass energy and water power, is becoming an important engine of global economic development, and will promote the development of the "one belt and one road" national energy supply to an efficient, clean and diversified direction. As the core brand of pump / compressor products under Ingersoll Rand pressure and vacuum solutions division, in the field of green energy, jidinas continues to provide global customers with energy-efficient vacuum pump + fan overall system solutions, and has made contributions to the sustainable development of green energy such as solar thermal power plants, biomass power plants and nuclear power plants.

One belt, one road, China has one belt, one road, one that is already in the vicinity of the 500 countries. Landmark projects in the process are also milestones in local development, such as Noor photothermal power station in Morocco, the first 200MW trough type photothermal power station with the largest installed capacity in the world, and Hualong 1's first overseas nuclear power plant in Karachi, Pakistan (K2, K3) It is currently the largest nuclear power project in Pakistan; the world's first energy-saving and environmental protection power station combining waste incineration with cement kiln waste heat - TPI PP waste power station and cement kiln waste heat power plant in Thailand; chk cement waste heat power plant in Pakistan; the world's largest solar power generation project - Dubai 950mw photovoltaic solar thermal power generation project; and China's third nuclear power unit exported overseas- Pakistan's one belt, one road, has made great contributions to the construction of infrastructure in the area along the "one belt and one road".

One belt, one road, one belt, one road, one belt, one road, novel coronavirus pneumonia, has been built up in a serious way. It has passed the strength and confidence to the international community, and has made important contributions to global cooperation in anti epidemic and world economic recovery. "The country shows the quality and strength of intelligent manufacturing of China's products, helps carbon neutralization and promotes the efficient utilization of green and clean energy.