Global cooperation: deans helps Ineos benzene to build a world-class ABS material production base

As a multifunctional high-performance styrene resin, ABS has strong and durable performance, stable size, light weight, beautiful surface, complies with food contact regulations, and is easy to be processed. It can meet the aesthetic and lightweight requirements of automobile, household appliances and other industries. These characteristics make it the preferred material in automobile, electronics, home, health care, toy / sports / leisure and other industries. According to the characteristics of ABS core process, through global borderless cooperation, product integration and new product research and development, jidinas has launched a competitive overall system solution, which can fully meet the process parameters, reduce customer operation cost and product cost, and achieve a win-win situation.

Ineos styrolation, a leading global supplier of styrene series products, is subordinate to Swiss Ineos group, focusing on styrene monomer, polystyrene, ABS general materials and styrene special materials. In December 2020, Ineos benzene announced to build a world-class green ABS production base in Ningbo Petrochemical Economic Development Zone, China, with a planned capacity of 600000 tons, which will be completed and put into operation in 2023. The project will adopt the self owned process of Ineos to produce ABS materials of different specifications.

The project is EPC contracted by Worley company, and its process design requires three sections to adopt liquid ring vacuum pump / compressor. Jideas engineering team works closely with Nash Europe, the United States and Kinney teams, relying on global cooperation to win the hearts of key customers with technology and expertise. With the global team cooperation and professional technology of Nash, it has been recognized by customers. The final solution adopts the composite vacuum system of Nash liquid ring compressor, atmospheric ejector and Kinney roots pump.


The compressor process of the first section has special requirements, requiring high vacuum at the inlet and high pressure at the outlet. Only the 2BG series compressor produced by Nash Germany can meet the requirements in the world, and has been successfully applied in ABS process for many years. The model selection of the project is strongly supported by Nash European team, and the test data of compressor are provided to ensure that the model selection meets the customer's requirements. At the same time, during the implementation of the project, he assisted Nash China project engineering team to complete the detailed system design scheme, which greatly saved the project design time.

The second section adopts Nash's own atmospheric ejector design technology, with low power gas consumption, small selection of liquid ring pump and high efficiency of composite vacuum system. The third section adopts Kinney two-stage roots pump, and the front stage pump adopts Nash patented two-stage cone pump. Nash and Kinney teams in the United States and Nash European team have assisted jideas China team to participate in technical discussions with inoes & Worley for many times, which has been recognized by customers and accepted the scheme of Kinney roots pump and Nash liquid ring pump composite vacuum system, and finally won the project order.

Although such a complex project has encountered many difficulties in the implementation process, thanks to our global professional technical team and our customers, the project is progressing very smoothly. We believe that Nash's reputation will continue to grow and become the preferred solution and service provider in the global ABS material market.