When faced with replace or repair decisions, Nash customers are increasingly considering remanufactured equipment. This is partly because we have such a large installed base of NASH CL and 904 products. Many of these customers are comfortable with the older product lines that have been reliably working in their facilities for many years. Staying with the older models has the added benefit of limiting the number of spare parts they need to keep. The lower cost and shorter lead times, paired with the Gardner Denver Nash performance guarantee, makes using a remanufactured pump an easy decision for most.  

The one drawback to this approach is that many of these customers need more than just a remanufactured pump. Additional requirements include things such as new accessories, complete packages and custom drawings. That’s where the Nash engineering teams come in. Depending on the customer’s specific needs and expectations, a customized solution can be offered through engineering and design support from Bentleyville, Pennsylvania, and other locations worldwide.

A recent order from 3M, located in St. Paul, Minnesota, is a good example of Bentleyville’s team working together with multiple service centers to successfully execute such a project.  The stainless steel clad CL-6001 was remanufactured in the Houston Service Center and performance tested at the St. Peters Service Center. The pump then went to Bentleyville, where it was assembled into a stainless steel once-thru package, with a synchronous belt drive on a common base and all of the necessary accessories for drop-in installation.  

There is a significant amount of coordination and communication that occurs behind the scenes to secure and execute these types of orders.  This starts with the sales force that identifies potential opportunities and passes the required information to both the local service center and the engineering team.  From there, the team works closely with the service center to develop the best approach for each project. Some projects only require some parts, some are partially assembled systems and others are fully piped packages.  Many of the projects can utilize existing standard drawings, but some jobs require custom designed systems, utilizing the engineering and design team.  

Regardless of the customer’s requirements and expectations, because of the close cooperation between sales, the service centers and the engineering team, these needs are being successfully met.  The 3M package is just one example of this team work and exemplifies Nash’s versatility in an ever-changing environment.